Our Location

Before we start to tell about our location please realise that time and distance are different than in Europe and the States.
For a nice trip count by car or motorbike about 30 km an hour. And take your time for nice views.
The surrounding of Bajawa is very nice and a lot to discover.
That's the reason that we advise you to stay a few days.
A few possibilities:
There are a lot of nice traditional villages such as Bena, Wogo, Luba or Bela
Traditional weaving in the area of Langa and Jerebu.
Colourful markets are the local market of Bajawa and the bigger markets of Mataloko and Boawae.

Volcanos to climb. Wawe Muda is a relatively new volcano that erupt in 2001, it has a colour lake. The tracking takes about 3 hours up and down.
The mother Vulcan Inerie is also possible to climb for the real challengers it takes about3 - 4 hours up and 2 - 3 hours down. The best time to start climbing is at 4 o'clock. When it is clear you have a beautiful surrounding view.

Another active volcano Ebulobo also 7 – 8 hours return climbing. From Bajawa to the starting point 1 hour drive.

For people who like tracking there are different possibilities.
There are tracking's for 4 hours till tracking's of 2 day's with a night sleeping in a small traditional village. So you can visit less known villages like Belaraghi,Watu and Maghilewa..

You can end your trip or tracking with a visit to the hot springs in Soa about ¾ hour from Bajawa and the hotspring of Malanage near Nage village.

There are also some waterfalls around the area as Ogi, Waebua and Waeroa.

So you see Bajawa has many possibilities so take your time and discover.

For tips and trips ask Alfons the guide of Happy Happy, he can answer all your questions.

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